Click on each picture to get a mega-sized version to download and scroll down for lots more..
Sue Brattle sensibly took some pictures before everyone was totally rat-arsed..
..but 10 minutes later all her good work was in vain
Waitress! Get me a can of Vegemite pepper spray for fending off giant bear-hugging Aussies!!
Right, on the count of three, everyone sneak off and leave snoozy Lesley to pay the bill...
Jacqui: Well we went to Dubai, and I'm just back from Texas, and now I'm off skiing for the rest of the week. Ray & Glenys: Zzzzzzzzzzzz...
Helen: I've been there.. mm.. there
too... yes, I'm going there next month
Finally free of Geoff's grip, shaken Helen orders a treble brandy
No matter how much Siobhan tries to mug and gurn, Alex's steely gaze effortlessly dominates the picture
Idleness rules... by failing to organise any awards, I finally get one myself
I didn't get where I am today without impersonating a teapot..
Phew.. now that's over I can get stuck into the Jack Daniel's
Sorry mate.. never seen you before in me life. No I don't want to buy a bit of a restaurant in France, thanks
Oh gawd, if I don't watch myself here she'll have swiped all my freshly- ground coffee
See Brian, all you have to do is get a savage crop like Dave's and your greyness problems vanish
So Dave, what about that effing time
you effing met the effing Beatles' PR
man? Dave? Dave? DAVE!!?
And so, the end is near, and when they've gone, I'll close these curtains...
Show ush the way to go home, hic, we're tired and we want to go to, where was it again? Oh yes, Liverpool Street
Well I'm as sober as a Jolly...
and she had that nice little kip
so she's fresh as a daisy

And finally, a big round of applause for our brilliant chef, Ewa...