Both the house and village it overlooks are called Gioiello, which means jewel. We occupied the top two floors of this lovely old villa, while the owner’s mother lives in the ground floor. Our entrance and stairs are round to the right-hand side of the house, but to get food, drink, etc to the tables on the terrace there’s a basket you can lower and raise from the kitchen window (which is what Brian is doing in the picture). Click the image for a closer look.


Gioiello, near Citta di Castello in the North Tiber Valley, Umbria

Picture notes

  1. -To take this shot in real
    life would have required
    a helicopter hovering in
    mid-air alongside the swimming pool.

  2. -Instead more than
    20 separate images
    have been combined.

  3. -As a result the perspective
    is slightly out and the pool
    looks smaller than it is in real life.

  4. -The other pictures below have all been combined from three or more images.

  5. -Click the Gallery link above for more of our holiday pics.

That’s it among the group of cypress trees just to the right of centre. Click the picture for a closer view of the house itself from the same viewpoint.

Side view of the house from the winding road to the village

The pool’s not curved... the program I used to stitch the pictures together created that effect to make them all fit. Click the image for two closer views.

Swimming pool and valley from an upstairs window

The hill visible in the distance on the left has the ancient village of Mont Santa Maria Tiberania perched on top. Click the image for a closer look at the house from this viewpoint

House from across the valley