I was lucky enough to register my surname as a domain before anyone else. It helps to have an unusual surname. The website would be more useful if I were famous or had something to sell, but after setting it up in a fit of enthusiam in 2003, it then lay almost dormant until July 2010, when I created this new home page.


Finca Alta Cocina
Villa Madreselva
Old home page

Version: 2.0
(July 19, 2010)

Welcome to my website

There are holiday photos here, stuff to do with my job (including travel articles and archives of our long-lapsed Christmas awards), plus a few scraps of music I’ve recorded over the years...

Who am I?

I grew up in the
North-East of England.
I have been a journalist since I was 19 and am now a sub-editor on a national newspaper based in London.

That's all... thank you.